CYM 保濕美白緊膚水 300ml Hydro Whitening Tonic

Model: CYM887.02

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Cym Hydro Whitening Tonic

CYM保濕美白緊膚水 300ml

保濕美白緊膚水 HYDRO WHITENING TONIC - 300 ML - 887.02
功能 :
含有野玫瑰種子萃取液、Bio-E-Colia,具有強化皮膚表層, 阻擋塵埃黏在皮膚皮丘間;有助迅速吸收,滋潤及保濕極佳,調節酸鹼度;保濕度持久;光澤、美白、緊膚、治療敏感皮膚;非常溫和及不含酒精的產品,防細菌之功效。

使用方法 : 早及晚上使用, 清潔面部後, 將少許滴在綿花上, 輕輕塗在面及眼部

注意 : 初次使用者, 首一或二天有輕微敏感出現, 因為皮膚酸鹼度調節的因素, 只須繼續使用, 皮膚酸鹼度調節完成, 敏感馬上消失。

成份 : 野玫瑰種子萃取液、Bio-E-Colia、維他命 C、金縷梅、北美金縷梅屬、膠原蛋白、維生素AE復合物、NaPca、泛酸 (維他命B5)、玻尿酸

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Content : Gentle Tonic Balance / Whitening 

Skin Type : Normal, mix, allergy or dry skin use

Functions : 
Contain Rosehip Seed & Bio-E-Colia essential oil. Intensifies outer layer of the skin, avoids infection of dirt. Rapidly absorbed by the skin, supreme nourishing and moisturizing the skin, adjusts the Potential Hydrogene (pH), value in the skin, maintain optimum level of hydration, radiant, whitening, firming, treat allergy skin, alcohol free and extremely mild, anti-bacteria

Using : Morning & evening, after cleansing the skin, apply Tonic using a cotton pad on the face & eye lips. 

Notes : For the first time to use this product, slightly allergy would be occurred in the first 2 days due to adjustment of pH value in the skin. Keep using the product. Allergy in the skin will be disappeared upon adjustment of the pH value is finished

Warning: Avoid the eyes. In case of accident, wash thoroughly with water. Store in dry cool place

Ingredients :
Rosehip Seed PG, Bio-E-Colia, Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, Hamamelis Extract, Collagen, AE Complex, NaPca, D-Panthenol (Vit. B5), Hyaluronic Acid